Best Home Remedies for Scabies

Scabies, also known as Norwegian scabies, are one of the most embarrassing things to have. Their names come from the Latin word scabere which means to scratch. They are little, to the human eye invisible parasites that go under the skin of their victim and then cause an intense allergic reaction that manifests as itching. They are classified as a water related disease according to the World Health Organization but are in practice mostly transmitted by usual skin-to-skin contact. That means that almost anyone of us can get it, and it can be really frustrating when one of our loved ones – whether they are family, a romantic partner or just a close friend – gets infected with it. If you got scabies then you are probably vigorously looking for some kind of home remedies for scabies. I know that the situation can be really annoying so I am going to give my best when providing useful information in the following text. Read the paragraphs below for more helpful advices.

What are scabies

home remedies for scabies

Like I already stated in the first sentence of this article, Scabies or Norwegian scabies are an infected water-related disease. The cause of this annoying disease is a small, invisible to the human eye, microscopic mite also known as Sarcoptes scabiet. This eight-legged creature matures in only two weeks and lives for almost a month. It lays eggs every 4 to 5 days and they hatch after three weeks. While pets and other animals can also be infected by them there is no risk of transmission because of the different species of mites. Either way, they drill the holes in the body of their host and that produces an allergic itching. Mostly everyone tries to find some kind of home remedies for scabies before they decide to go to their personal doctor.

How are they transmitted

Scabies can be spread, and thus found, on all social levels. Any kind of skin-to-skin contact, including a simple handshake, can easily transmit the mites. While bathing in the same water and touching their clothing or bedding are also a possible way to get, they are also an unlikely one. At least if the person isn’t infected with special crusted scabies. The most likely victims are small children (especially the girls) and older people. Most frequent areas infected are below the neck and include elbows, waists, fingers, hands, wrists and feet. Male hosts can be affected in the area of the scrotum and penis and female hosts might have problems with the nipples. For a list of home remedies for scabies read the following paragraph.

List of home remedies for scabies

This is probably what you were searching all along – list of effective home remedies for scabies. Mixing sulfur with petroleum jelly is a great for exterior use. You should be careful to not swallow anything because it is poisonous. Pennyroyal tea was used by the Romans against the fleas and is also a great remedy. Paste made from Turmeric was used by Asians and will also do the job. Eating zinc-rich food and avoiding anything alcoholic or sweet is also highly recommended.

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